The Moving Out Guide

Are you satisfied with your living setting right now? Four bedroom house for you and your children, good neighborhood, big yard and proper road access? If so then you’ve got it great. To those of us who don’t, we’ve either got to suck it up or move out.

Be prepared for change

Moving out can do you a lot of good. New neighbourhood, so you get to start fresh and no one here in this neighbourhood would know that it was you who knocked the Smiths’ mail box down a few months back. ‘Horrible diver’ they branded you, and it just stuck on. New neighbourhood, new leaf.

Look into the convenient travel modes

You could look into houses or apartments that fit your comfort those better too such as access to train stations, bus stops and trams. Areas that are closer to the super market so you can save that Uber money and spend it on Mexican night on Fridays with your buddies. Sounds peachy doesn’t it. That is if your budget fits the area you have in mind. But life’s too short to live in a crappy one bed-roomed, no windowed apartment.

Conduct your research

Before you move into a new house and new neighborhood, make sure you conduct an independent house valuation Melbourne where you can check the property prices and land value of each property depending on the neighborhood and other costs included. Doing so would save you from paying more than the actual value of the house. This way you get your money’s worth without being fooled by nagging realtors or land owners.

Sell your current property before moving out

If you’ve already got a place and are looking to sell the old one, but have no idea how much you think the land plus your house costs, it is always better to get a professional opinion to estimate the value of the real property that is the market value. This can be done by going through a real estate company or by hiring independent valuers. Having a professional like this helps in many ways. One is that you will not be underpricing your property and this individual can give you options no how to improve your house in a way that will up its market value and make it more presentable.

Complete the necessary refurbishments

If you like your area, your neighbours but feel you could do better ‘home-wise’, you always have the option to fix it up a bit. Change the color of the walls or create your own tiny garden, add a picket fence and build a tree house. Moreover, if required you could refurbish the kitchen or make tiny changes to rooms by adding a splash of color to the walls. Small changes for a lifetime’s worth of happiness.

Moving out is quite a hassle, but if you manage to find a house that is nicer and more convenient than your previous one, then all the hard work is worth it.