What Are Commercial Vehicle And Different Types Of Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial vehicles are the one which uses in business and as a business. Any vehicle which uses commercially not for personal purpose is called commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles are using for transportation purpose either goods or passenger from one place to another which generate profit or loss.

 The list of commercial vehicles is huge. Following are the few types of commercial vehicles.


This is one of the best examples of commercial vehicles because hundreds of passengers travel from one place to another at the same time. Not only passengers even they have luggage with them which is also carried by aeroplane. And the person who owns the aeroplane business is making a profit from his vehicle by using commercially.

Train and bus:

There are many people who cannot afford a car, they travel by train, it reduces their cost and gives profit to the owner of the train this is how commercial vehicle work both the side. Most of the time people prefer to train over the car because it reduces cost, time and secures at the same time. 

Forklift truck:

Forklift trucks are very important for any business whether it is related to a construction site or any other industry. Forklift also reduces the cost of labour and increase the work productively in less time. There are many uses of the forklift. Forklift is also helping in case of emergency because this vehicle can lift on extended height.

Commercial trucks and van:

These two are the most commercial because you can see them on a daily basis. These two vehicles have maximum space in it for the persons or for the cargo as well. These two vehicles are the best for the long route because they have enough space basically trucks are used for business and industrial purpose whereas van can use for the purpose passengers and cargo both at the same time. Both the vehicle has a heavy engine which last long for many years.

Commercial cars:

Commercial cars are also used as a taxi, this is the great source of income for the people who have a car they can do this business but before that, they need to make their license so that they can work freely. If a person wants to supply limited tool which can easily get in the car they can also take advantage of this service.

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